Well last night i had logged chubby in and really had nothing for him to do, so i went ahead and logged in Cinderbella my lil Shadowknight for some fun and adventure in the Kingdom of Sky zones.

So i was looking to see where my lvl 55 SK could work in without getting her arse handed to her. So i searched Wikia very quickly and found that TT (Tenebrous Tangle Timeline) was right up in my level range 56-60.

Now i am really now looking to gain any levels on my SK i am happy with her at lvl 55 for the time being, my goal has been to take her thru all the zones and finish off the timelines while in that zone, and this is what i was doing last night.

Last nights portion of my journey kept me by the main entrence of TT, there are a few repeatable quest (5) that will provide some decent AA points, and currently i have my slider at 100% for AA. The Quest that i was working on were the following:
1. A Basket Full of Serpents
2. A Basket Full of Tangleflies
3. A Basket Full of Tasty Lettuce
4.A Basket Full of Yellow Jackets
and i will go into more details of these quest in just a few minutes.
So the jest of these quests are to kill X amount of the Serpents, Tangiflies, Walking flower things, & the Yellow Jackets and you will gain X amount of AA and Gold.
In order to get these quest there are baskets thruought the zone and if you scroll over them it was display what they are, Next you click on the basket and it places a basket in your bags at which if you examine the baskets that are in your bags a quest will pop up. Now you have to Accept the quest and start you killing spree. Once you have gathered all the X amounts you needs you can go and turn in to the lil froglok behind the ruins near the front entrence (60, 22, 208). Now i did forget to mention that there is a quest that you need to finish before these baskets will become clickable that quest is “A Meeting With Grumglub” once that is complete the baskets will become clickable and you can do these over and over again.

So i did about 15 sets ofthese and gained 3 AA points, my SK is now sitting at 68 AA and is well twinked out for being a lvl55 Sk.
Also doing all of this and getting coin for completing each quest as well as the trash that i sold to the vendor i made 3 plat and some change, and thats not including the things that i placed on the broker last night either. So i plan on venturing a little futher into TT tonight and see what i can do. Also i almost forgot to mention that i defeated the dragon on top of the ruins and all the Draktoa around that area as well.

Now on to the crashing that i have been having, i have been receiveing memory error and critical errors due to Out of Memory since GU53 went live, i have been researching this to no end and found in the fourms that there is indeed something with the last update that is causing the memory leak, SOE is well aware of this and is in the process of correcting this on Tuesday morning or Wed morning there was a post from Rothgar stating that the memory error has been looked at and has been corrected in the last hotfix which was Wed Morning, i logged in last night and was messing around i went to extreme setting because i was running fine on my machine before GU53 at these settings and BAM with in 5 minutes i crashed. Now i did lower down to Balanced and i did not crash at all last night at those settings so i can say that yes they did correct part of the issue but not all. So i am going to continue to look over the post and see what others are finding.

Also i came across a post on the fourms talking about the new Streaming EQ2 client and was courious about this and was reading it. It is currently only for the test server but it has a faster install time of the game and gives you just the basic areas, as you zone into areas that you’ve never been to before it downloads the zone to your pc, if you are new to the game this will take a while when zoning but once you have that zone you can get back to it without the dl beacuse you already have it now on the pc, they are looking at this becasue alot of folks were complaining about the large download times for the client and this is a fresh start to a new begining, i can agree that this is a great idea, i went ahead and tried it , i was Downloaded and installed and had the basic zones downloaded with in 30 minutes and i am running on DSL 1.5Mb/p/sec. and the UI on this amazing, i truely cant wait till they release this from beta and have it for the live servers.
Kudos SOE on a job well done, you listened to your client base and made some changes..grats now get the rest of the bugs fixed will ya..lol. This is again in beta and can be found on fourms just search for streaming live EQ Client and it should bring up the link.

Over all it was a great time visiting an old zone that i spent alot of time in when chubby was a youngster and now is little sister is visiting these areas and hopefully she will be able to visit other areas that he has not been too.

untill next time, Happy Hunting In Norrath!!!!!!!!!!