Posted on SOE / EQ2 Fourms by Kiara


New Achievements have been added! Test your skill with three new types of Achievements: Flawless Victory, Sense of Urgency and Shorthanded Victory achievements have been added to Rise of Kunark and The Shadow Odyssey zones.

Equipment with pet buffs should no longer experience stacking issues which cause the cancellation of multiple pet buffs when removing a single piece of armor.
Jewelry items purchased from Lavastorm and the Moors of Ykesha are now heirloom attuneable.
The “Blanket of Fog” should now be placed as a red puzzle cube then after placed should retain its fog effects.
The “Blanket of Fog” should now change into a red puzzle box when turned off by the defogifier.
The Necklace of the Plague has been increased to 12% base damage.
Hallow’s Gallows now grants ranged crit.
Frostburn and Mutagenic Burst now give larger gains when stacked.
The appearance of the Ceremonial Robe of the Brethren has been corrected.

Miragul Encounter (Hard mode) : Miragul’s Arcane impairment now only affects spells. Miragul’s Physical Impairment now only affects auto attack and combat arts.

The placeholder detriment icons were removed from the raid window.
The raid window’s font-size was decreased and the overall window is a little more compact.