Well last night was just another night i logged in found that i made 54 gold which is just a drop in the bucket from what i use to make on my shinie farms, which i need to pick back up.

But nothing of intrest was happening, i was mainly the only one on and couldnt get in the grove, i ventured back to Kunark and completed 3 city writs (Razorfangs, Stonegazers, & Succulents) to gain some more status points and some trash and coin.

Took a break to watch the news and thats all she wrote, zonked out on the couch and woke up at 3am to head off to bed.

Tonight i plan on getting something together and running a few zones if any guildies are on, or maybe just shinnie hunt a few zones, i know SS gives good shinies and so does LP, LF, & Steamfont, not to mention butchblock & Kaladim.

But who knows what actully is in store for my toons while in Norrath, only the gods know and my fate is in their hands.

Happy Hunting in Norrath