Well not much was done this weekend, i keep fighting the zone crash (Memory error / Critical errors applications Eq2 ran out of memory) and this happens when i zone, i turned graphics down to balanced and it seems to have slowed the crashing down, i was told this was a problem with eq2 and not my PC but i’m not too sure, i have tried to research this but running into alot of dead ends. If anyone knows please let me know how to fix this problem, i’m running Win XP sp3, i have GTX8800 718mb vid card and i have 3 gigs of RAM on the PC. 32 bit. So if you need other info just let me know and i’ll post it.

But i mainly crafted alot of Nights of Dead items from book I & II and was decorating th guild halls, i also have been venturing to kunark and completeing Writs in JW, just so i can get the status for Chubby, guild is already at 80 and there is no effect on GH level sice we are maxed till expansion. We have several Bone Dividers and hedges for the instance and quest, i have placed scones, coffins, and scraecrow about the place, i did notice last night when i was placing more stuff that we reached our Max limit on items in GH, Damn that might make folks mad, so i am stopping at that note.

Basically thats all i really did this weekend not much going on,
i plan on leveling Cinderbella the next few weeks to make her 80 and working on her tradeskill as well.

So hopefully by mid Nov. i will have 2 level 80’s, i still have alot to work on with Chubby, i need to get his AA to 200 before expansion is out, i need t4 armor, heck i would be happy with T2 armor Full set i think i am 3 pieces away from a full set, darn Shards. and i want my mythical before expansion too, all i need is VP and cant seem to find a raid for it with out paying someone 100Plat.

Well i am done ranting on want needs to be done
Untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath