Well Friday night i got to log in on my dads pc and it ran just fine it was a little sluggish but an adjustment to the settings and i was good to go.
i dabbled in some of the Nights of the Dead content added for halloween, i completed 2 haunted houses 1 in Freeport and 1 in Looping plains, i also was able to find the hedge maze in Nek forest off from the docks Hallow Cauldren i think it was called copleted that but need to go back thru and get the rest of the shinies to complete the shiny quest.
I didnt stay on all that long, due to not able to concentrate on things due to lack of sleep.

Saturday I really didnt get logged in, i was spending time with the wife and kids because my brother came in to stay with dad for the weekend.

Sunday i was in briefly to check the broker and that was it.

So not much on the gaming nextwork on my end.
I did grab my pc and it no sits at my dads house but i was having a hard time connectijng it to the intrernet, now i would think i could connect the internet wire into my ether slot and i wuld get connection, yeah not so much, i have no clue i could get the internet to work, so i just hooked his pc back up makes no sense to me.

Anyways untill next time,

Happy Hunting in Norrath !!!