Ok so everything is going as planned, mom came out of Surgery ok, sore but ok. She is being moved to a rehab center for her knee today and will be there for a week or until she is able to walk on her own again . So i will be staying at my dads house with him making sure he is alright as well as running between my own house and getting kids to where they have to be and giving my wife a break, Thankfully my older brother will be comiong home tommorrow and leaving Sunday eve, and i will get a small break for it all.

Other than that no gaming this week for me, havent had time i was going to get on last night but could not keep my eyes open and decided to just goto bed at 930pm and still woke up late for work COMON now..lol

I should be in game tonight if all goes well, hopefully the new PC my dad has will be able to run Eq2 at the lowest settings if not i need to run to my house for a video card that will..lol

Untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!!!