Well not much to report over the last week or since i last updated not much has been happening in game, i’ve been falling asleep early and not getting game time in, this may be due to Real Life catching up or the fact that my wife has us running ragged, Mondays both kids have soccer practice, Tuesdays Daughter has soccer practice, Wed Son has soccer practice and Cub scouts right afterwards, Thursdays is Girl scouts and PTO meetings, Friday night is high school football night , Saturday is spent at the soccer field since both kids have games and then usually work around the house and Grocery shopping , Sundays is Church and what ever my wife can find for me to do…So no wonder i have been dosing off at the keyboard or on the couch before 9pm.

Now this week we have a new monkey wrench in the mix my mom is having Knee Surgery and i have to take care of my dad, so this week i am staying in the evenings at his house then going to pick the kids upa dntake them to school then head to work. I just installed Eq2 on dads PC and currently updating all patches as we speak it says i have an hour left but then jumps to 4 hrs so by morning i should be ready so tomorrow night i should be back in game.

So again Real life is catching up with and hopefully after this week i should be back o track, as soccer is over after this saturday then Basketball starts in a few weeks Wooooohoooooooo not.

Untill next time Happy hunting in Norrath