Well this my 100 post since end of Dec 2008, woooot wooot.

I would like to thank the Academy, my manager, and ahhhhhhh sorry Miss Tell.

I would actully like to Thank the loyal readers of this blog, if it wasnt for you no one would read my blogs, no seriously i probablly would of stopped a long time ago. This is something that i really didnt intend on doing but thought it would be kind of neat to write of my gaming exp. and hopefully help others in the process, if they are stuck in a certain area, or wanted to know what was going on in the gaming world. I do post about other games that i play weather it is WOW, or some of the Free to play games out there that i have tried or maybe one of the games that i beta, but for the most part my blogs are EQ2 related, since that is my main game of choice, i started out in eq1 and progressed to Eq2 when it launched and i have had a blast. So thank you all for sticking with me for a wonderful 100 post, i look forward to many more years of post on all the games i play.

Now lets get down to the nitty-gritty of this past weekend.

Well Friday night there was not that much going on, i was basically grinfing on the token quest in Commonlands and buying house items to place in my new home in Neriak, also i have located my additional room that they applied with the latest patch, which was hidden behind some fake walls my interior decorator “Twixt” had placed up. it only took me about a half an hour to locate this room and began to place items in this, i have made a L&L wall for all the trophy’s  i have also i have all the tapestry’s in this room and a grave site of where i will be buried..lol i’ll have to post some pics when i get home.

Saturday was much like friday, continued to gain tokens for the house items given at the spires for the repeatable quests they have going on in this past update. i also went and visited some zones to complete some of my collections quest,  and collecting shinies to sell on the broker. This has been  very profitable for me i am well over 100 plat just by selling shinies, but the thing you need to make sure is that you continue to check your prices and outbid others or sell them at the same price, as well as adding more shinies to your broker as the old ones sell. if you follow this method you will have the plat to buy the things you need.

Sunday was not much of a gaming day, went to church and then shopping with the wife and kids and came home to watch the steelers play, Once i was in game i created 2 player written books and placed them in the GH for display. I again went shinie hunting, and visited some zones for pages to complete a few more quest.

Monday i played around on my Alts getting their Racial traits back to where they needed to be and gain went shinie hunting.

Tonight i want to revisit shard of Love and maybe Fear & Hate as well, i can asure you that i will be shinie hunting, and maybe looking up where the other pages i need to finish off some collections, I do need a few more shinies for my Kunark Collection quest so i may try to fit that in some how as well.

Well again thanks for reading my last 100 post i look forward to writing more to share with the players of norrath.

Until Next time, Happy hunting in Norrath.