Well last night i had no update which was great, due to the night before i had a 2 hr update because of my internet connection being DSL (ATT) and the area where i live i am not getting the full speed that i am suppose to due to the telephone lines, I am too cheap to fork out money to comcast and their rates, so those are my only 2 options unless i want Dailup which would be pointless.

Also as a side note with the new patch there has been many problems being happening to players on all the servers, wheather this is something that is wrong in the coding of the patch or just so many players logging back in to see what the patch had to give. SOE is still looking into the matter and working to correct the issues at hand. According to eq2Zam.com & Rothgar at SOE, please see the following message posted at ZAM:

“According to Rothgar, there’s a fix for the memory errors that have plagued many people since GU53 launched.  Simply close your client and rerun your patcher to get the latest EXE.

Rothgar is also actively monitoring servers for performance issues, and in some cases temporarily turning off the Spire event and even locking the servers until their database recovers. “

So last night once i was in the game, a few of my guildies were on and looking over what was added in the update, and of course fixing the racial traits and seeing what armor was nerfed. Well after a few minutes adjusting these and checking my broker and the 6 bags of shinines i have for sale. I made an additional 14 plat last night when i logged in upto 113plat right now, trying not to spend anything except repair bills. We decided to finish the access quest to Shard of Love and see what the zone looked like.

Note: If you are a Evil player the access quest is called Through The Gates of Bliss for Hate.

If you are a Good player then your access quest is called: Through the Gates of Bliss for Love.

Also Note that this is a Spoiler and a step by step instructions on the Access Quest, do not read on if you do not want to know how to complete the quest.

The first step for us, since we were evil was to seek out of Disipline of Hate rep just outside the West Freeport gate in the commonlands,( Also within Neriak, City of Hate, or within Gorowyn.) After speaking to him he sent us to Antonica to speak to the sisterhood- Priestess Annalisa Swornlove just outside the druid ring, after speaking to her she sent us back to the commonlands to seek out some valorian bloom which are blue blooms from a flower around where the Avatar of Valor spawns. After we collected 1 Valorian bloom each we headed back to Priestess Annalisa Swornlove to give her the blooms.

After you give the Priestess Annalisa Swornlove the blooms, she is going to send you to Greater Faydark & Everfrost to seek out “Lady Shae’s Arrow” & “the Weakest point between Shard of Love and N orrath.

So now you are going to journey to Greater Faydark and goto Tunare’s Sapling at -57,11,-48 and click on the giant arrow in the ground to obtain the update. At this time you are going to have a disciple of Hate spawn and attack you, kill it and have someone in the group to open a portal and take Everfrost.

Now that you are in Everfrost you are going to need to find the weakest point between Shard of Love and Norrath. Goto the main dock and goto the northend of the dock, you should see a bunch of rocks / rubble laying on the docks click on it to get your update and then have someone open a portal back to Antonica and goto the Priestess Annalisa Swornlove by the Druid ring.

Now she will tell you that she will meet you in Everfrost to complete the ritual, again open a portal to everfrost goback to the docks where you clicked on the rubble and speak to the Priestess to get the portal to open. Now that you have completed this part of the quest you will have access to the Shard of Love.  For our group we zoned back to Commonlads and went and spoke to the Disciple to complete our quest and receive our reward which was a tapestry of the Sisterhood (same as the cloak from last Erroliss Day quest) and Lady Shae’s Arrow – Both are house items.

Now you can Zone back into Everfrost and Access the Shard of Love: A Moment of Valor.

BTW we completed the Access quest with only 3 toons, we had a Tank, Healer and DPS.

Well we all jumped back in with energy flowing thru our viens but i will save the details of  SOL for another post.

Untill Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!