Shard of Love at zone in

Shard of Love at zone in

After we complete the access quest to Shard of Love, we ventured in to see what was going on, when we zones it was beautiful looking zone , but you could feel that something was not right. there are a few mobs in the front of the zone they are for the most part ^^^ or ^^ and at level 80 they con Blue to me. so we took the time just the 3 of us Mya, Corliss and Me (Chubby) wacking away at the mobs, yajee soon logged in and we convinced him to join us, we helped him complete the access quest which only took us 15 min since we knew what to do now, and Once he joined up we had a pretty good small group of guildies exploring the new zone together.

So we cleared out the front of the zone, at the top of the stairs there is a NPC with a quest feather above their head. Talk to Lanielle, to get the quest “Shrouded Memories of Love”. The quest wants you to seek out information and find out what happened to Erollisi Marr.

You will need to make your way thru the zone and locate Arawen & Gwestanna for information, once you have spoken to these 2, go back to Lanielle, and receive your update.

Next Lanielle will ask you to venture in to the Chapel of Love and remove whatever is tainting the sahrd from within. to gain access to the chapel of Love you need to call all the names within the zone to remove the barrier and unlock the door to the Chapel of Love.

In the distance is the Chapel of Love

In the distance is the Chapel of Love

Named Mobs:

All Named mobs will be equal to the average level of the group (white con).

Note: All the named locations are on the latest update of Eq2maps. Also all the Names are ring events, you need to kill all the mobs in that area in order to have the Name spawn. ( be prepared for long battles if there is only 3 or 4 in your group.)

Once you Kill the 1st Named, you will unlock the 4 new Shinies that will be now spawning throughout the zone, those new shinies are the following :

Also there are 2 additional quest in this zone as well :

Once you have killed all the Named mobs in the Zone the door to the chapel of Love with be opened and in the Middle of the room is standing Mithaniel Marr <The Sorrowful> (yellow ^^^) he will be 2 levels above your group.

after a short dialog he will begin to attack you, at this point i had so much energy flowing thru me it was unbelievable me and Corliss & Yajee was laying into this god while Mya was healing us and trying not to die. i think he was down to about 50% when all of a sudden he stopped and snapped back to his origional place, at this point i thought this was bugged, but it was part of the quest, he went into another dialog session and walked to the back of the chapel. I am not going to reveal anthing else from this point, basically there is no more fighing , you will complete the quest but if you want to know what is in the back of the Chapel you will have to complete the quest.

I will tell you that you will receive 2 things as you reward to this quest.

  • Rewards: Lover’s setee (house item)
  • Achievement Title: Love’s Champion

It is a wonderful story and i love forward to visiting this zone again to complete the other 2 quest in here. I think with the Sahrd of Love the Devs did a great job explaining the Story behind the goddess of Love and her disappearance. Good JOB SOE.

you will have a lockout once you have completed this Min is 18 hrs max is 1 day 11hrs.

Once i complete the other quest i will post them here as well.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!