Well last night was a bust, i headed to Faydar again to collect shinies for the Guild Members, I hit  Butchblock, Kaladim, Greater Fay, Lesser fay, New Tunira, & i went to everfrost and did the whole zone one time collecting the shinies and pages that were laying around.

Other than that i Drop them off to the GB and then went and made another pass for my personal benifit. I cant believe how easy it is just to wonder aimlessly around a zone (greyed out) and collect the shinines and pages that you see, i wish that the shinies were actully on the map when they pop to give you a better idea of where there are and not just a generalized POI on the map. Ehh i doubt they will ever consider something like that.

Over all it was a good night, i made a total of 17plat from the night before and waiting to see what tonight brings, i want to do something other than shinie hunt i may log in Cinderbella and see what she can find to do, also i have noticed that there really is not many folks on in the guild latly it seems that i am the only one there in the evenings from 8pm -2am, again we are winding down on the summer time and keep telling myself that it will pick up and folks will be back, but damn people hurry back i’m getting boried!!!!

Also i think that there was a patch today adding alot of the features from the test server, i need to check this out if the patch did go thru i will be adding another post here soon with more details. Stay tuned

Well untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!