Last night i wasnt sure what i wanted to do,  i was getting rdy to go shiny hunting when i received a tell from mya on the test server, she was trying to send a message cross servers and finally was able to get it to work, after about 15 minutes of talking to her i decided to log over to the test server and see what was going on, i already had a character created over there and was only at lvl 3, so i logged my little Ratonga “Ratking” in and started to see what was going on.

The first thing i noticed was that my profit was not working due to the new enhancements that are live on the test server and not on the regular servers. so after a breif swapping of UI back to default i was on my way. I Ventured around the isle of Refugee’s and got boried with the dinkly beginners quest that gave exp and beginners equipment. so at lvl 7 i headed to Freedport.  There i was quickly asked to do a couple of quick quest for my new home city of Temple street.

Once i completed the quest there i headed to the sunken City where i was still getting boried, so i headed to commonlands to see what there was, after running across a few mobs that really didnt like me, i then zoned to Nek and Antonica where again i was still over my head, i killed beetle like creature by the south Ant gate untill i was lvl 10 and then headed back to Commonlands. Currently i am sitting at lvl 11 and waiting to get hight so i can take advnatage of the new content thats coming out.  After i hit lvl 10 i did mess with the slide feature for the AA and yes it works pretty well, i put my self at 75% AA and gained 3 AA within now time.

I really enjoy this game, and dont mind creating a new toon on a test server even it means that one day he’ll be wiped and will have to recreate him again.

So after playing a Necro i feel that i may be rdy to start a new toon on the Crushbone server and play a necro there are some nice benifits but thats only up to lvl 11 so far, then theres the side of me that says “hey you have 6 toons now that dot get enough time in” so i am at a cross roads on weather i should or should not make another alt on the live servers.

Also i have been playing DDO: Free to play (forgot the name) and from what i done so far with it, i really like it, i dont like the fact that if you wasnt to advance to certain zones that you have to pay, like in station cash with certain items, they made it that was for zones, area weapons, toons races, armor, ect and feel that in the long run you are paying more for the game then you would on a monthly Subscription. But my main love is EQ2 and will never leave unless they goto this concept full time. Also on a side note i still have a 90day card for WOW thats not been used and when the new expansion comes out i am thinking of getting it and adding the time, just to see what has happened.

Well thats enough of my rants for one day. hope to see you all in game.

untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!