Well last night was STEELER FOOTBALL night , the Steelers had their Home opener last night against the Titans and i was glued to my chair watching the game. At halftime i logged into Eq2 and checked the broker and made another 5 plat last night over all i am well over 40 plat just from shiny’s. While halftime was on i decided to venture into some areas and look for more shiny’s and try to complete the collections that only had 1 left to complete.  I was in Fens and headed to BW when i discovered that there were red shiny’s here and i dont have any of those, so i ran up the mountain collecting shiny’s and then ran around BW for a good 30 minutes, when i realized that the game was back on Doh!!!


So as i was trying to watch the game and play eq2 at the same time, it just wasnt working. I missed a few great plays on the TV and Chubby did a Face plant off the Mountain while i was watching the Game on TV so i decided to wait till the game was over and then Revive.

For the folks that watched STEELERS WON 13-10, and so the Curse of the Terrible towel continues for the Titans and my team that i have been following since 1978 when i was 5 years old,  chalk another win for the books.

I finally got back into the game and finished that red shiny collection in BW and around Fens, i also finished a few book quest for my library and that was about it, while i was venturing around Norrath i made an additional 2 plat on the broker and made 1 plat from the trash loot.              

So i cant wait to see what i have made this evening when i log in, it’s going to be a good night as the wife and kids wont be home to bug me and i can get a few hours in before they get home.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath !!!!!