Well just as the post stated i did not get in game last night. I was sitting on the couch and BAM, Mr. Sandman hit me with a full sack of sand right between the eyes, when i awoke it was 5am and i headed to bed for another hour and half slumber before i had to awake for work.

However i did log in breifly to check chubbys broker status on items and i did make 7 plat 65 gold 32 sliver and 45 copper so not a bad night for just sleeping on the couch. tonight i will be in game i am staying away from the couch and i have my tazer rdy for Mr. Sandman should he get to close to my computer desk.

I am planning on finishing up some more Quest in Moors and the other zones that i have quest for that are prob out dated, also Jarsth Waste is looking good i need to do some quest up in the Fire mts and then probably closing the night out with a few shiny runs to sell on broker….Wooohooo i am becoming rich from shinys lol but my alts keep spending the damn coin…lol

Anyways sorry there wasnt anything Juicy in this post but hey at least i gave the effort and let you guys & gals Know that i am on human and that sooner or later all the late night gaming sessions do catch up with you along with RL stress….lol

Untill Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!!!!!!!!