Well last night i dodnt get much game time, i helped my wife for a few hours after she had me running from Walmart to Krogers and everywhen in between, and she knew the Steelers last preseason game was coming on too…Ahhhhh

Anyways after i was done running and helped her and watched some of the game. I finally was able to log in to see what was going on, ad really not much of anything.
I headed off to Looping plains and was shiney hunting i needed a few of the red shinies to complete the quest and i needed more for the master shinie collections here too. so after about an hour and half ust mindlees running from shinie to shinie, headed to Steamfont Mountains and did the same thing..lol
so i guess you can say i was farming, one i need plat to keep my toons going, the other night Cinderbella wiped me out and used 23plat on Master spells that i didnt feel like waiting 18days for the reseach assistant to do just , so i think she came out with 8 Masters for 23plat and a few Adepts that i could of logged Chubby on to make but they were cheap and didnt feel like camping.

Tonight is my Allnighter i normally do i want to get some shard runs in to gain as many as i can, and maybe even log Cinderbella in and get he leveled up so i can have 2 toons doing shards.

Thats all i have for now.

Untill next time. Happy Hunting in Norrath.