Last night the DD was Evernight Abbey and i have never been there and when a fellow guildie asked if i wanted to join them i was very interested and very nervous as well since i did know what to expect.

Once i zoned in they shared the daily double and advised that the first quater of the zone was completed already, and we needed to head in to the SUN room,  it was alittle rough at first but after a few minutes everything was falling in place. We ended up killing the Thex guy and received our 2 for the daily and the 1 in the chest woot woot 3 shards.

Also due to chubby earning 3 shards i went back to the GH and created my leggins T2 shard armor, now i am wearing 3 peices of Shard armor and have 3 to go half way there.  After i created my armor we headed to Deep forge for a quick run and gain another shard. we were in the zone for only about 20 min and cleared the whole zone we had some troubles on Doomforger ( i think thats was his name) other than him all the mobs , Names fell with no problems.

tonight i want to do a few more shard runs i need 18 for my helm, 21 for my chest and 27 for my shoulders so there is alot of shards that is in need, i also sent a text out to a few regular guildies and we are going to try and get as many shard this weekend since it is a holiday weekend, i am going to Thapharsyde’s / Corliss’ house for a LAN / EQ2 party and plan on gaming till the wee hours of the morning.  We try and do this at least once a month if we can but havent done so since the begining of Spring, now its the end of Summer and well time to get away from the wife and kids and put the game to the test. Corliss and i have known each other for over 12 years now, seems like yesterday we were working for a telemarketing firm and complaining about it. lol now he works for COMCAST (shameless Plug) and i work for a Medical Software IT Firm..Who would of everthunk it, back then…..

Anyways its 5pm here in PA where i work at and that means one thing…TIME TO GO HOME or in my case TIME TO GOTO THE SOCCER FEILD to watch my kids practice….fun fun

Untill next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath !!!!!!!!!!