Well let me tell you my Friday night and early saturday morning was more than words can describe. Lets just say that i earned 15 Void shards last night 3AA’s and came wilth some nice house items and i purchased a new house in Neriek and became a citizen of this Dark and dismal city.

Well to start off, when it was Friday we did all 3 Befallens, 2 lavastorms and 3 everfrost shard runs for 8 shards. We have worked a system out that we get the shard from the quest, and we dont bother with the chest in the instances we usually spend about 30 min to and hr in each instance and sometimes less to complete the missions and it has been working very well. During those Shard runs we came out with some nice house items:

  1. Maroon Tapestry of the Forsaken
  2. Frost Rimed Chandelier
  3. Tapestry of Flame
  4. Azure Rug of the Forsaken

Tapestry 2009

Plus i made about 4 plat on these as well, Also durning this time i gained 2 AA’s, We did die only 2 times thur the 8 instances so not too bad.

at this time it was about 230am time for a small AFK to get my barrnings , strech my legs, Coffee, lots of Coffee and any bathroom breaks. after about a half hour of being AFK, Yajee and Harlow talked me into creating a Monk, we still had an hour before the new shard quests came out for the new day(saturday) so why not, so i created yet another ALT ..Monkeeman my Monk alt i started to quest him on the isle and then i was informed the new quests were out and the DD we arre doing as well wooohoo.

So We ended up doing 3 more everfrost, 2 more befallen and the DD in Everfrost. so we ended iup with 7 more shard this morning, and i gained another AA making the total up to 3 during this logged session.

It was a blast, we have a few more areas that i want to test and see if we can include them in our shard runs, with this in our sites i should be able to get a full set of T2 possbily T3 by end of month woooot woot.

Just wanted to say thanks to Yajee/Sweetlove, Twixt, Ebonchyld, & Shadowblades for a great evening, with a force like we had last night i feel really sorry for some the mobs in eq2.

Cant wait to see what this evening has instore for us.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath