A Crafting i will Go, A Crafting i will Go, Hi-ho the merry-oh, A crafting i will go!!! Yeah that is what i had in mind last night, i logged in and really didnt feel like running around killing things, so i just settled in on Cinderbella and worked on my Sage skills.

When i started the evening Cinderbella was at lvl 35 and i at first was doing Writs and quickly got boried, so i said well lets at least make some coin while i craft. So i started grinding the spells that were blue and white in my journal and then placing them on the broker to sell. I took a couple potions and just began to grind away, i lost track of time and 3 veteran rewards potions later i was sitting at lvl 45..wooot woot 10 levels in just a few hours in my sage tradeskills. now if i can continue this the next couple of times i decide to do tradeskills i will have her at the lvl 80 in TS.

I need to get her up in the tradeskill level anyways i have a few other alts that need her to make their spells and with their current level she is under qualified to make them. Chubby has been making all the combat arts for the alts that he can but the Sage is more needed by my toons.

Once i have her up in level i think i will go back and get kuzab’s tailoring up i think he is sitting in the 50’s then i can work on the armorer and Jeweler.

So there is a method to the maddness, i am tired of paying the broker prices when i can make these things instead, also the guild can benifit for this as well. Currently we have Mya and her alts crafting a majority of the things for the guild and guildies, so maybe this will help when she’s not on or just to take some of the pressure off her. hehe. plus i like to craft, i really enjoy the clanging of the metals and the sound the machines create while i am creating my masterpieces…lol.

Tonight, i think we are going to hit a bunch of shard zones and stock up on the shards, and maybe a tradeskill instance if i can talk Yajee and Mya into it. After that who knows what we will get into, Fridays are my allnighters so i will be on from 8pm est till about 6am est (10 hours of Eq2) wooooooooot wooooooot.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!!!