Well this past weekend, i was able to get a few things done, but other than that it was really a slow time in gaming for me, due to having to many RL things happening all weekend.

Friday night i was able to stay up till about 5am, we did the daily double, then we did the solo shard run and then we hit Befallen, & Cruicible. We actully hit more than that but i really cant remeber all the cool places we went i know that i came out with 10 shards in one night it was awsome.

Last night (Sunday)  Mya grabbed me and we did a few more zones and i came out with 4 more and had enough for my 2nd piece of T2 shard armor i now have my gloves and my feet, (Champion Set for Beserker).

Over all i had a great time for the few hours that i was in game this weekend, i was able to level Cinderbella up from 45 to 51 and gained about 5 AA on her as well, Speaking of AA it was a bonus XP weekend for AA’s and chubby went up another 4 AA’s too. So it was a very good weekend.

With the group of folks that we have had this past weekend i think that we will be doing alot more shard runs due to the fact everyone is trying to gear up and get more & more instaces done that the armor helps, i just want to get a full set so i can work on my T3 armor and getting my mythical. i still want to get in a raid to goto VP and try and get some of the patterns that drop and get some of the quest in there done, not to mention that all i need is VP formy Mythical.

Well who know when that will be as long as i get geared and have the AA i am bound to get in a raid group heading that way looking for an OT.

Well untill next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath.