Well last night, i just could not get in the grove of tings with Chubby, and i have been having so much fun with Cinderbella, i went ahead and logged her in.

I then went to Rivervale and gathered some quest up and began to work on them,i also took a 2 hour Combat potion and made sure i took the right potion this time.

I started to kill everything in site first i started with the rabid pups and worked my way around, in the process i gained some loot that i was able to sell to the merchants / vendors and some other items that i placed on the broker. I ran with Rivervale untill my 4 bags were completely full and called back to the guild. i was earning about 3% per kill, not too bad, still feels slow.

After unloading my bags i was kinda boried with Rivervale and headed to lavastorm and was killing he drakes on the beach and i forgot i had a quest for them so not only was i gaining more xp since there were around my level i was getting the quest xp at the time of turn in, i was in the process of killing 20 drakes and i think i was on #10 when i dinged and hit level 47 Shadowknight…woohooo.

So Cinderbella is slowly moving on up to the top of her class. i really cant wait till i am able to use her in shard runs, so i can gain more shards per day.

Other than that i still have about 43 minutes left on the timer for the potion that i used and will be logging in to use the remaiing of it tonight.

Untill Next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!