Well last night, i logged chubby in for a few and was just killing mobs in kinzar Jungle and selling the loot and placing items of worth on the broker. i usually do this everynight and have found it to be very profitable.

My alts are very expensive, i have had my shared bank up to 40 plat and then went to my alts and started to get them armored up and skilled up in tradeskills and i now sit back down to 12 plat, so Chubby needs to begin farming again and selling the loot on the broker to get the bank back up to par.

I love to solo alot, but it does get boring pretty fast.So last night when i saw Mezzer and Kasala had their Alts on in Rivervale i hurried up and logged Cinderbella in, i quickly checked my broker on her movved the new funds from my sales into the bank and noticed i had a master for Kasala’s alt. I then threw that master in ran to rivervale traded and joined there small group. it was great i took a potion from my Vet rewards and we began to slay all that was in site. after about and 45 min i noticed that the xp was good but not what it should be so i looked and noticed that since i was in a hurry i mistakenly took a tradeskill potion instead of a combat skill…Ahhhhhhhhhh

we remained in the group for about another 30 min killing all the named mobs in Rivervale, i gained some junk items that Cinderbella could not use and sold them on broker and vender, i made some good coin. The group soon parted their ways and i began tradeskilling on Cinderbella as a sage.

Over all it was a good night i gained 2 AA, 1 level in adventure and 1 in tradeskill.

Thank you Mezzer and Kasala (wifethinkimhot & Babybee) had a great time look foward to the next great adventure.

Well thats all i have for today, now its time to get in game and see what chaos i can weave.

Untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath