Well for the last few days i have been working on Cinderbella and getting her up to speed on some areas that she has never been before.

At first the thought of leveling another toon was making me feel itchy or a feeling of dread and gloom, As it took me almost 2.5 to 3 years to level Chubbylilbuddy to where he is now and to have his fabled.

Cinderbella was sitting at 35 on Monday and as of 3am on tuesday night she reached Lvl 45 not bacd for 2 days of work. However i am really enjoying leveling her up, there are some many things with the ShadowKnight class that i really like. I keep forgetting that i have FD and to use it in a time of need, and have been dieing alot the last 2days..lol

Also Last night i was asked to go back to Chardok to help 2 guildies with their Epic weapons their last stages, kendra & mezzer.

These 2 have helped me in the past to obtain my Epic and also just in general questing and leveling. So when i was asked i didnt think twice of going even if it was Chardok ( I HATE CHARDOK).

We started off by getting killed by the blue gate or at least i did, but the group we had worked really well together, although we had our moments where it didnt look like we was going to get far. We ended up clearing the areas that we needed in order for them to get their updates. At first we were moving around mobs and i was a little confused as being a tank i want to kill things i see and to stealth around them well lets just say i didnt feel like a tank. All in all we all did a really good job, i had lots of fun, i received some good loot for Cinderbella and made a good profit on the things that i have sold on the broker or to the merchants. It was a really good night.

I am currently going to be away untill next week and will not have any updates or gaming till next Monday 8/17.

I am taking my family on vacation and will be getting all the exp i will need with this venture. Just think of it as the Griswalds go to VA Beach. Anyhoqw i am leaving tonight at 3am and wont be back till monday. Wish me luck that i dont smite my kids or throw the wife to the sharks.

Untill next time – Happy Hunting in Norrath