Well my weekend started on Friday night around 9pm i logged into eq2 and was looking for things to do. I started by heading to KJ and working on some more Rime faction quest, and was in there for about an hour when i got the call from Yajee if i wanted to try COA.

So it was Chubby, Yajee, Mya, & Shadow heading off to COA just the fab 4, we did really well and completed almost the whole zone with the 4 of us, Deakia had logged on and so did Fiji and they came in for the last 20 min or so. we got to the last guy in the Zone and things were going great, we took him down and nothing of Major importance had droped for any of us.

After completeing this zone and since we had a full group i made the Suggestion of doing a shard run into Scion, and everyone agreed, so off to Everfrost, we picked the quest up and headed in. It seemed like it went really well we only wiped in here 3 times i think and that was in the begining. I kept aggro as much as i could with Yajee and shadow pullin it off of me at every chance they got…lol.

We cleared the 1st half in no time and headed to the 2nd and worked or way thru. took out Zazza & Ankuhf with no problems, grabed our zone shard from the chest and headed to the begining of the zone for the final fight.

Now the last few time this group has been in Scion we have not been able to take down the final guy. tonight it went out well, we all died 1 time and recouped and went out at it again, this time i was watching his health and when the AOE’s came out it seemed like he hit us with his AOEs at 75%, 55%,25%, & 5% this is what it seemed like to me, the closer you are to him the less damage on the AOE so you must be on his toes and i feel it helped calling them out. We Finally Killed him received an ornate chest ( Cant remember what was in it ).

Next a few of us headed to Lavastorm to do the solo shard quest, this time it was Yajee, Mya, Shadow, Ebonchild & Mr. Ebonchild & Chubby. This went really quick we had our 12 kills of Shadowmen and headed back to the docks via eVac.

At this point i had enough to craft my T2 Shard Armor Gloves for the Berserker, they only cost me 14 shards wooohoo, now that i am back down to 1 shard its time to really hitting the zones everynight.

Also i think it would be more helpful if i had 2 lvl 80 toons working on the shards, in that case i would be getting the double amount of shards since they are sharable, but unfortunately i am not that lucky.

Saturday night i didnt really do much in the game i could not keep my eyes open long enough.

Sunday Corliss logged on and he had created a Necro named Riddlebox..hehe So i tagged along to help him get leveled up.

I mentored down and we killed and completed quest most of the night.

Also i found out that a bunch of us got promotions in the guild woooohoooo thanks Nhutti & Sweetlove for the promos… i am a offical Officer in the Knights of Marr Wooohoo.

This week will be slow, i am taking the family on vacation, and i am sure its going to be another adventure of the Griswalds on Vacation.

until next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath