Not much was happening last night Yajee was on his alt, Knebiter was on his alt and so was Mya. i was looking over my quest journal and i had a few quest that i needed to finish in Fens so i proceeded to Fens. Once in i started to clear my quest, i probably finished 5 quest and added another 3 more to my journal. I can out with about 5 plat which i gave to the guild plus another 2 plat to make a total of 7 Plat last night. Now i know what you are thinking, ARE U CRAZY & PLAT TO THE GUILD..Well the guild was sitting at 93 plat and i was feeling nice last night, plus with all the things i pull out of GB 1-3 and the supply depot, 7 plat is the least i can do to show my appreication to the guild for all of those, as well to the members who have helped me in the past. So Thank You Knights of Marr.

Tonight i shall be on around 9pm and dont plan on getting off till 6am i want to get a number of things done and i am hoping that others are on and we can get agroup and knock out a few shard quest and maybe a tradeskill zone.

there are so many things i want to do, i am a member of CRA, but cant get into a Brigade for some odd reason, i just want to raid with them to learn from some of the best on the Crushbone server, as well as getting geared and seeing new content. maybe one day they will give me the shot and i can prove myself or maybe they will let me be a filler. Who knows only Time will tell.

Untill Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath