Last night i didn’t see much gaming but the i did see alot of the inside of my

So when i awoke at 4am refreshed as can be, and still the silence in the house from all that was sleeping, i logged into Eq2 and looked to see what i could get into.

i worked on Cinderbella for a while, she reached Sage lvl 32 and also reached Shadowknight 42. Then Yajee logged in and wooohoo i wasn’t alone in guild chat anymore, after getting past the hey how ya been part we headed to do a tradeskill instance, while he was getting geared up, i was in the process of finishing the weekly tradeskill quest that gives 2,000 Faction to the Far Seas Supplyers/ tradefolks what ever they maybe. Once i had theat complete. I headed back to Mara to get my quest for teh instance, and Bam there i was in the Moors getting on a ballon to goto the Palace of the Ancient One (Tradeskill) Zone.

Once we were inside Yajee told me to gather as much as i could, so i was taking the cloths off the dead bodies and taking the meat from the mount corpses…mmmm yummy!! Also we had to cut the trees down for lumber and also chase the void resiudew to get stiuff from them as well ahh then there was the ample amount of Coal just laying around, i wish all zones were like

So it was just the 2 of us working on the items we needed, he advised to create 12 of each item so we would have enought for all of it. So i did the alchemist potions, and all i know is that i made 4 of the items and He made the rest i was really impressed with what he accomplished and will be able to do that one day.

In the end i cam out with a Choker and Yajee got the book which was the book that makes T2 Shard Armor.

All in all it wasnt that bad, me an yajee did the zone in less than 2 hrs gained some good loot and had a blast.

At this point eveyone in my house was up and buggin the hell out of me, the wife was giving me that look and i felt the burning of her eyes in the back of my head.

Untill Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath!!