Well i really dont have much to report on today, as i have been slowly getting back into the game. To recap this week, Monday and tuesday i spent alot of time completeing alot or city task in JW. Then i went back to LP & KJ and completed alot of other quest as well.

but the rest of the week has been a blur, i have either fallen asleep on the couch or in my chair while playing the game as i did last night.

My goal for this weekend since i will be at home and not at the camp grounds as i have the last several weeks, it to continue to finish up the several quests that i have in my quest journal and raise my faction with the Rime. Also i want to do more in JW: Skyfire Mt area, there are a few areas in this section that i want to goto and complete more quest.

It seems that i have been doing alot of soloing as of late, just hasnt been any offers to get in a group and get things done as a guild.

The Misfits Raid Coalition has come to a halt do to personal RL issue’s happening with Bownzer and no one stepping in and helping while he is out. I may see if i can get a pick up raid going this evening, just to see if i can run one while he is away. I need to do some research if i do not attempt this tonight i may wait till Wednesday of next week and hold one that way if will give me more time to get the research done that is needed.

Other than that not much has happened this week that is of any main importance. I am getting ready to take off again next week to attend Cub Scout camp with my son and our troop. 4 days in the woods with a bunch of screaming kids…..woohooo bring on the asprin.

Until next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath