Well as i mentioned i am slowly getting back into the grove of things, last night i logged in and checked the broker and found i made a plat..woohoo no that i am up to 35 plat in my shared bank, my goal is to reach a 100 with out spending anything except repair bills.

So i headed out to see if i can find more Rime quest to gainmy faction, i first headed to the Sheet to see if there was nything that i missed, and there wasnt. Nect i headed to KP and looked around and found the repeatables that give the Rime Flame & Rime Barrels, i picked them up and headed to KJ to see what else i could find and then headed to Fens and JW i messed aroud in JW at the Rime Camp then i noticed that my faction with the illusion was not enough to get more quest. so after zoning back to the guild hall, my meds were kicking in. so i decided to call it the night. I am going to head back to KP tonight and do the repeatable quest about 5 or 6 times since they are fairly easy, and then head to the other zones and do those repeatables a few times before heading back off to see if there are any new Rime Quest from what i have been reading your faction has to be past -44,000 and mine is currently sitting at -5,800 so i really have a long way to go.

So hope to see you on tonight, if anyone wants to get something going just send me a tell since i will be having voice turned off, ( cant get it to work right anyways)