Well this past week i have been plugging away at the content that was added with GU 52, mainly i have been working on the Rime quests and i am currently in Fens. I just received my Illusion and Rhino mount. The quest seem to be getting harder as we go which is good and keeps us on our toes.

I havent had a chance to check anything else out that came with GU 52, its a work in progress, i have noticed the change in spell/combat art names and i have used the research person, but that is as far as i have gone.

over the next few weeks i will be posting my thoughts the new content that i come across, and my continued efforts with the Rime.

This holiday weekend SOE is giving out extra XP for the 4th of july holiday, unfortunately i will not be around to take advantage of this on my alts. I am taking the family camping, and taking some much needed RR. this past month has been a living hell on me and my family with the loss of great pet / friend. i should be on Tonight ( thursday and then be back on Sunday eve.)

Untill next time

Happy hunting in Norrath