Well monday i logged in and created a new alt, i made a gaurdian named Wonderboyz ..my lil dwarf Superhero..lol

Anyways my goal last night was to get wonderboyz to lvl 10 and i did i grinded out some quest and turned some collections in i had Chubby make his adept III combat art spells, Chubetta made some armor, Kuzab created so mastercrafted Bags with 20% weight reduction & a Quiver, Kryptonion Made some Jewerly, and Cinderbella donated some gold to her long lost brother.

Over all in the 10 lvls it really seems just like the zerker class, but time will tell and see how things go with this toon, i am not sure if i am going to work on his harvesting skills just yet or wait till i start the Gathering Obsession quest for the harvesters cloak, it would be benificial now to start the harvesting but things can really take a long time doing that, since i am now lvl 10, tonight i plan on taking him to a bunch of Zones for the disco, and posibbly work on a few more collections. Tonights goal is to reach lvl 20 before logging.

Untill Next time

Happy Harvesting Hunting in Norrath.