So last night i was just going to log on to eq2 and make some potions for fridays raid and to finish off deakia’s potions as well.

When i logged in an old friend was back from their heiatis, it was good to see Healyou and Cece, it just hasnt been the same with out them. felt like the guild was missing something. but after we caught up on whats been going on since the last we spoke, we decided to get a grp going and see what we can do. First Cece needed to goto Chardock to get an update for her long drwn out epic that she is trying to complete, Chardock just didnt feel the same, we werent dying as much as we normally do, We had Chubby as Tank, Shadowblades as DPS, Cece and Healyou and Twixt a good 5 some then to add to the mix of things we added Knebiter for a full group. we were just tearing thru the mobs, i was calling out what i was going to do and teling Twixt who to mezz then i did my count down. it was awsome we got all the way to the bridge crossed it waited for the scene to play out ran past the birds that were fighting and there they were the archmages that she needs for the update, i waited till the got closer and bam full aggro on chubby, and another thing i noticed too i was not losing aggro like i normally do this was awsome, so after killing 2 mobs Cece got her update , Wooohoooo Gratz Cece. We deceided to call back out to gh and take a small break, i needed to get a few things done anyways.

So when i got back i noticed that they are were in Sebilis and i made my way there, basically Cece was just gaining reet faction and this was not part of her epic quest but she needed the faction to get to the next part of the epic so it worked hand and hand. i picked up a few nice items that i can pawn off on the broker and a nice set of leggins for my fury when she gets to 80. but we stayed her the remander of the night just killing away and redoing the quest that Cece had for the reet faction.

All in all it was a good time, and it was nice to grp with folks that we havent seen in a while. tonight i plan on getting those pots complete for the raid on friday and maybe a Shard run or 2 to get more shards. i am hoping that Scion is the DD again, i know that zone and know i can get an easy 4 shards + the 1 for the solo quest  all in one night. also i want to inch Cinderbella and Kuzab up to where they can do shard runs too just so that i can earn more shards on instances like this. 10 shards in one night would be great, and i would have chubbys T2 set armor in no time.

Well untill next time,


Happy Hunting in Norrath