Ok so i have not been keeping up on E3 that much this year, but i have seen the Microsoft Natal Project and i have to admit thats its very impresive. just think a software that can actully pick up on human emotions and interact with us, this technology is amazing and seems like something of Science Fiction or only seen in the Movies, like Terminator or short Circut ( All those were the good ones0 ir even Irobot.

But just think of some of the possibilities that this can actully have in the world today, it could be used in hospitals, schools and even in the govt as a training device. but thats just my thoughts, next thing that will have is the food and drink replicator Star trek, or maybe our car will be on a automated grid to drive us form point a to b. Or even make human space travel to other planets a reality. This is just a step in the next generation of technology that we are discovering and creating.