Well just as the title stated. The Misfits Raid Coalition went up against Leviathan or how ever you spell it, but we knocked off the fish guys first and made it to the Boss himself, this instance reminded me of the old platform games where you had to beat the whole level get to the end and the doors slam shut and the boss would appear. lol

But we did our best to take this worm, fish, or slug down but he was too strong for our forces, we are going to run this again next saturday and see how things go, i did manage to get us wiped at the end, yeah if anyone in the coalition is listening that was me that wiped us at the end my finger slipped and auto run was enabled and i ran straight towards the aggro line and yep you guessed it triggered the big guy himself for a quick wipe….sorry guys my bad, i promise i wont do it again .

Well i am short on time today to provide any more details

So Until Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath