Well this weekend would have been my gaming holiday weekend since i had an extra day off from work. Friday night i didnt get into game till late and was having several computer problems and that really hindered my gaming all weekend, saturday night i was not able to get the PC running at all. Sunday night i was on and off and back on it was like a yo-yo. but i eventually was able to run for a few hours. then Monday the holiday itself, I was noyt able to get in once again the pc would not boot, i at that point called my Tech friend who was out on the lake with no Signal. So i decided to tear the PC apart part by part and find the source of the errors. I started with the Memory, i took all memory out and rearranged them in a different order, computer booted up, but was receiving the missing or curropt system32 file, after several reboots and Windows repair i was able to get into my desktop and get to system restore back a feew days, this was working fine, so i then powered off the PC and worked the memory again i have 4 gigs of Ram and the i left 2 gigs in to see if i could boot. so it worked, at that time my Tech friend called and i explained what i was doing and he was happy that i actully learned something from him over the years. i told me to leave just 2 gigs in but i told him no i am trying 3 gigs and it worked again. we came to many solutions as to what was wrong with the PC and they all point to the Mobo or powersupply, prob 1 could be that the mobo is not recoginizing the 4 gigs due to board errors, memory confliction, but the 3 gigs worked like a charm which XP will show 3 gigs. Anyways i have the PC working now, i am just hoping that when i get home tonight it still works.

So Monday evening was my only real gaming time this whole weekend, I had the chance to use the extra XP that sony was dishing out along with a couple veteran reward potions and my Alt Cinderbella “Shadowknight” went from lvl 34 to 41 in one evening Wooooooohoooo great times. Thanks to Mezzer running me thru Runnyeye and EL i earned the Bonus from server 50%, 55% from potion, 10% for having a lvl 80 toon and 5% from being Mentored great xp and i earned alot of cool loot too everything from Adept 1 to a few masters that i have on the broker right now. so hopefully this will earn me some good cash, plat, gold.

tonight i wont be on till later in the evening, the wife and i are going to spend some time and watch a movie beforeshe goes to bed, we really havent had much time for ourselves the last few months with her having several surgerys, and with the kids tball & soccer events we havent had the quilty time we need. So tonight is DATE NIGHT…OMG i hope she doesnt pick a Chick flick..lol, This Aug. will be our 10 year wedding anniv. and we plan on going out of country to Punta Cana to celebrate just the 2 of us no kids, no work, no worries just us enjoying the company of each other and to look back on 10 of the most wonderful and interesting years we have had so far.

Untill next time Happy hunting in Norrath