Well this past week i really havent done much, i have been playing my alts alot on Eq2, Cinderbella reached lvl 30 and lvl 30 Sage. i have been focusing on her alot due to a friend of mine started a new toon as well and we have been grouping up and questing leveling our toons together, its been really fun. Thursday Night 5/21/09 we finished the HQ “in honor and Service” so even though we were doing a greyed out HQ we still received the Status points and loot, the chestplate that droped sold to the merchant for 5 gold, for a new toon thats sweet.

Also this week Kuzab reached level 55 and is a 48 tailor didnt do much with him on tradeskills, i need to give this toon more attention, i am only 5 levels away from 60 and wil be able to take him on some of the lower raids with Misfits to get outfited.

Speaking of Raids on Wednesday 5/20/09 we had a Raid in bonemire near Halls of Fate…ok on top of Halls of Fate.. we ventured into Lord vymne’s lair. It was really fun i was Main tank on Chubby of course, we got alot of good drops in this zone and alot of folks in Misfits received some much needed upgrades on their alts. Fieville did a good job at leading us in this raid while Bownzer was away. good job my friend i had a really good time. thru the whole zone i only died 4 times  until we got into the area of Lord Vynme and his Minons..lol then he chased us thru the whole zone killing and killing and killing again. yeah so we called it. but it was a great time. Normally our raids start atr 8 or 9pm and finish by 11pm, well we were having such a good time it was well after Midnight before we called it. goood times all goood times.

Chubetta & Kryptonion i really havent done anything with them this week, last week Kryptonion made it to 21 Jeweler but still sitting at lvl 10 for adventure. Chubetta, still 28 fury / 38 Armorer. just havent had the energy to get them going again.

Also i have been playing World of Warcraft again on the regular servers, i am playing on Hellscream, and i creadted Chubbybuddy he is a lvl 5 warrior as of last night, i have been loggin into Wow first and playing a couple hours and then launching Eq2, last night i had both worlds opened and running at the same time thank the gods for windowed mode. i am still trying to get back into the swing of things on WOW, and the only reason i am back to that is the Wife bought me WOTLK for my birthday last week and i got a 60 prepaid card too, plus i have folks i work with playing and have joined their server in hopes of getting good game sessions in.

Other than that i have been dealing with alot of Real life issues, My wife had surgery this week, and that took alot away from gaming and physically, Mentally draining, just the stress from that one day alone i could of slept for a week. but all is well now and of Course the normal everyday stress of a 6year old and a 9 year old siblings bickering on the very last nerve that you have in your soul….ahhhhhhh, Oh then theirs the everyday stress of Work too, I really thought i knew my job description till i found out that it Changes on a daily basis..fun fun fun times.

Well enough of me ranting on about this.

Happy Hunting in Norrath