Last night we helped Sweetlove get his faction in lavastorm so he could do his solo shard quest, it was a fun time, i joined in towards the end of it but still had a great time, i still only have 1 toon that is able to earn Shards and thats chubby, i need to get my other alts up there so thy too can earn shrads and make things alot easier on the getting enough shards for armor. you have 2 toons that can get shards the solo is with 2 toons equals 2 shards, then you have the daily double with 2 toons is 4 shards so theres 6 per day so far and if you are able to do other zones with shards with both toons then you will be fitted with armor in just a matter of days, this is because of the Heirloom on the shards and can be placed in your shared bank for your alts, so i have a 4 more alts that i need to level up and get the access to the shard quests so ui can get the T2 & T3 armor for chubby then i can work on outfitting the rest of them.

On the brighter side of things i finally got Kryptonion up to lv 21 in tradeskill and he is now a Jeweler so i can make my alts some good mastercrafted Jewelery just gota get him up in a few more levels. I plan on working on Kryptonion, Cinderbella, and kuzab over this weekend, there is no raid tonight that i am aware of and Saturdays Raid i will miss due to my and my daughters birthday celebration festivities happening at 630pm saturday and if i can keep my eyes open tonight ( unlike last night ). My main goal is to get kuzab up 20 levels by sunday, 10 levels per day ( 10 Friday night and 10 Sat) Now there will be alot of grinding involved since he already used his potions and Sunday if i can get at least 5-6 levels in i will be able to run Kuzab into shard zones, then the next few weeks i can get Cinderbella up there as well.

Yeah so those are my plans for this weekend, i really dont see it happening the way i want it to but it should be alot of fun trying.

Also i have been reading of all the new content that is being added to the next update ( GU52) sounds like alot is instore for us and i cant wait to try it out, they are going back to kunark and adding more content well thats good that they are adding to the older zones and speaking of Older zones i am loving the bonus XP that they have been placing in certain zones ( older). Last week was the origional Eq2 Launch zones earning bonus XP which is great if you are starting an Alt and this week they are at it again, Starting Friday May 15th in the afternoon afternoon and ending Monday May 18th in the morning there will be an experience boost on the following zones.

  1.  Greater Faydark
  2.  Butcherblock Mountains
  3.  Steamfont
  4. Lesser Faydark
  5.  Loping Plains

Woohoo time to break out the low lvl alts in these zones.

Well thats all i have for now

Happy Hunting in Norrath