Well the last 3 day i have been working on my alts mainly Cinderbella, She is sitting at adventure lvl 22 and has moved from Tradeskill lvl 1 all the way to 20 in the last 3 days i am making her my Sage, the bonus i get from chubby being a lvl 80 Alchemist really helps mover her along in lvl for trade skill and Advneturing. Also with Cinderbella, i have been working the the timeline quests, i started and completed all the Isle of Refugee questline and completed the Freeport villages questline and getting ready to start the Commonlands timeline. i am currently doing the Armor quest timeline for lv 20 even thought she has all her mastercrafted armor from chubetta, i want to complete the time line and may put them in a maniquine in the guild hall.

but i am loving the shadowknight, really love the spells and comb-art mix that they have, and currently she is supporting all adept III combat arts from Chubby.

I have also in the last 3 day taken Kryptonion to level 17 in scholar and his tradeskill will be a jeweler. havent really played on the adventure side of him, he is still at level 10 on adventure.

Last night was Wednesday and we did Court of Al Afaz and was actully pretty fun, Chubby was the main Tank with Bownzer on his alt guiding me on what and how to kill it, did have a hard time keeping agro but i am working on that at the moment with a new AA line and we’ll see if it works .

Tonight i plan on giving Kuzab some time, and Cinderbella and maybe Chubetta, i want Cinders sage level to increase so i can make all sort of spell upgrades for future toons and even a few i have but i have to look and see what classes take mainly spells that require a sage. so i plan on staying up till at least 1am working on these toons.

Friday there is a Raid and Saturday we have 2 raids, i plan on attending all 3 raids and working on the toons allweekend most of my gaming will be done on friday and saturday nights when i pull alnighters, i start around 8pm and play till 6am both nights. Saturday night i will actully be in game alot earlier around 530pm, wife will be scrapbooking and kids will be at grandma’s with their cousins who are coming in for Mothers day (Brothers Kids) so it should be a very productive weekend.

Other than that i am always researching things to do in game, every thing from raids to timeline quest to armor, if you come across something and want to share it drop me a line.

In closing i would just like to say a few words, Even though Norrath is a living breathing world in the realm of computer science. Please remember that this is just what it is; a game and only a game. take the time to enjoy life to its fullest and be around the ones that you love, time on earth is short and make the best of it. Dont like the pixel world of a game interfer with a relationship or employment, there will always be time for gaming, but your job and family & friends should come first in RL .

My condolences to Healyou for the loss of his mother, you and your family are in my prayers, my friend…be well, greive, and be with your family in this time of dispair and most importantly remember all the wonderful things that you learned from her to make you the person you are today. God bless you and your family, your eq2 family will still be her while you are sorting this step in your life.


Untill Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath