Well this weekend held little gaming for me, i was busy in trhe yard doing work and runnig between Soccer & T-Ball games and working my 2nd part-time job as a local Radio Station Mascot that i have been doing for the last 9 years.

So friday night i was late logging in and missed the first raid the KPO (Golden Staff) was holding, not much i can do when i dont get in game in-time which i have told them in the past, not to wait on me just replace me. i think this week i will talk to the wife to see if i can truely make the raids on time..lol

My RL friend logged in ‘Corliss’ and he has been working on getting to level 80, he was currently lv 79 @ 20% into level, so i grouped up with him in JW and mentored down so he would get the extra XP he was working on the the timeline in JW and i was interested in completing it as well so i headed over and we worked that area hard , we spent more than 4 hours in this zone just completing quest after quest, it was actully fun. Also on Friday i logged in my alts and was working them, gained some levels on the alts nothing to talk about, but i am begining to like my shadow knight more and more and the same for my Pally.

Saturday morning came very quick, and we had to be at the soccer fields by 9am for my sons game, my little goalie was doing great, i am so proud of my son for sticking with soccer, its actully a sport that he enjoys, unlike baseball. So i was rooting him on he was stopping the ball left and right and BAM he was nailed in the face with the ball, he fell to the ground faster than corliss does in paper armor. His Face was covered in blood and i was freaking i ran over and to my surprise he was not crying, he had a few tears running down his face but not crying, and you could tell he was pissed…hehe daddy’s little boy is growing up. i am so proud of that little guy.

So after my son’s game we walked down 2 fields to where my daughter was just starting her game, she’s on the 5-6 year old teams and is one of the tallest players it’s fun to watch them at that age, she was stealing the ball from everyone including her own players..lol but she would then pass it when she got to the goal to a teammate so they could score, Now thats sportsmanship, she had 2 goals herself that day. both kids teams won, and Next we were heading to the t-Ball field, Unfortunately my wife had to take my daughter to the tball game as i had to head to my second job.

I got to the radio station and we headed to the 1st of our 2 events and it wasnt that bad of a morning  the air was cool but in the mascot suite it was like 90+ degrees. Did both events was home by 4pm and got a shower and took a Nap. woke up around 6pm and started to get ready, i was headed to Corliss’s house for a gaming LAN party we normally hold once  a month. I got there and wanted him to work on the PC, i have a water cooling system on my memory and wanted him to take it out because i was just tired of messing with it and was a little worried that it was going to leak. so after a few minor adjustments we setup my system and headed in game, we were going to play Eq2 for a bit them goto GH:world tour  but we never made it out of Eq2 he was at 60% into lvl 79 and wanted to hit 80, so we headed back to JW and proceeded to finish the timeline, after 3 boxes of Pizza, 2 energy drinks and pure adreniline Corliss hit lvl 80 Wooot wooot Grats man and about time its only been 4 years in the making …lol

So we finally called it the night around 5am, i crashed on his couch and woke up around 10am and headed out, got home and started to do some yard work, we worked allday in the yard, finished up and went to a buddys birthday party that was shared with his daughters birthday party. got home around 7pm sat down on the couch and passed out, woke up at 3am, and went to bed.

So thats what my gaming weekend was like. Basically i just helped a good friend and guildmate reach his lvl 80 cap, he is now working on his epic, and i am working on my mythical part of the epic, i have received 1 update so far Thugga and still need Leviathian and VP updates. This weekend coming i will be getting the Leveithian update and will then have to wait and see when we are heading into VP.

Other thank that i had a great weekend of the little gaming i did.

Happy Hunting in Norrath