Last night i wasnt really into gaming i logged Chubby in checked the broker and then logged Kuzab in, i was sitting at level 49 with 10% into and i headed to Sinking sands to work on the Timeline there, I had Kuzab halfways done with the timeline and was wanting to finish it. after a couple more quest kuzab hit lvl 50 woot woot.

After getting Kuzab to 50, i logged in Cinderbella and took her to the broker and was getting most of my collectibles to she would get some easy levels, i plan on actully taking her back to the begining and working each timeline for each zone i may have to stop her Adventure XP so i can do these quest but it will be well worth it in the long run. Cinder bella hit lvl 22 last night and also lv13 scholar. at this point i could not keep my eyes open anylonger and was time to head to bed. Tonight i plan on logging in Cinderbella and working on the timelines and see what chaos i can stir.

untill Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath