Well the last couple of nights i have been working on my alts getting them leveled up, i have Cinderbella ( ShadowKnight) up to level 21 and last night i did tradeskilling with her and i have her up to Scholar lvl 12. I figured i have Chubby as a master Alchemist and make nice loot when i make adept III combat arts so why not make a Sage and see if i can make some loot on here right now the spells are really low and not making anything that is worth anything, so i have been dumping into the guild bank for some of our alts.

Kuzab is still stilling at lvl 49 and we have our lvl 50+ raid tonight so i may log him on for a bit and get hit that 1 level that is needed, once i hit 50 on Kuzab i may be turning my XP off to focus on AA points.  Kuzab has been around since launch of Eq2 and has been neglected when chubby was born, and more focus was spent on Chubby. So now is his time to get some gear and AA points i really want to focus on him and Cinderbella and get these 2 toon  some really nice gear as well as experience. Chubby i really focused on getting to level 80 and not enjoying the content, so with these 2 i am going to enjoy the content and do just about every quest i can. once i am doe with these 2 toons they should be just as powerful if not more than chubby.

Also last night chubby did the solo shard zone in lavastorm and was able to obtain his shoulders in T1 shard armor.. so now he is sporting the blue smurf Heroic Steel shard armor set..lol and it has made a difference in TSO zones, mobs i had a problem with before are being cut down and i still have alot of health left wooohooo also Chubby finished the boarfiend L&L and got his spade hanging in his house.

That is all i have for now until next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath