Well not much to report, i have been busy with all the warm weather we have been having, kids at Soccer and tball and yard work, so there hasnt been much time for gaming, now dont get me wrong i am very addicted to Eq2 but lately i have been so worn out i either fall asleep at the computer or on the couch and not much gets done in game that way, thats why i missed on Saturdays raid of thugga….:(

Hopefully i acn get some gaming time in over the weekend and give some decent updated on whats happening in Norrath.

I have had the chance to get Cinderbella up to Lv 21 and starting on her armor quest that starts at lv 20. Been thinking of turning off the Adventure XP just to gain AA points for a while and enjoy the content, on this toon. Since i agree with shadowblades that we do out level the content fairly fast.

Well thats all for now

happy hunting in Norrath