Well thats right last night i finished up my Alchemist Epic quest and i am now a master Alchemist, with Cloak. its been a fun journey to get to this.

So far i have hit lv 80 in both adventure, & Tradeskill, I have obtained my Epic Weapon and now i have my title and cloak. I also have almost a full set of T1 Shard armor on and now i have the book to make the T2 Armor from and instance we did. Now i need to keep plugging away and getting my shards so i can make t2 armor and look for the raid gear too.

Also Last night we headed back to Chardock for Healyou’s epic update. we had Msee, Healyou, Twixt, Chubby, Sinfire, & Cecelia in the group for some reason this time it went really smooth and we were killing everything in site. we made it all the way to the Bookkeeper with out dieing/ wiping, this was amazing compared to just 2 weeks ago. Msee has recently revceived his Mythical and this may have helped plue i was in O-Stance and Duel weilding with my Epic. so the combo may have helped anyways, we decieded to take the named in the next room by the bookkeeper, i should of know that we should of just continued and finished the what we were doing but noooooooo everyone wanted AA, Greedy Buggers. Needless to say we wiped on that name, and we learned from our mistakes.

so we started over and this time we made it pet pulled the books 1 by 1 and then headed down the steps and killed everything. Heal received his update and so did Sinfire.

Over all it was a great night we got a lot of thisngs done, Corliss, Chubby, cece all finished the proof is in the puuding  for our earring of the solostice to be able to see red shinies woooohooo. Everyone had a good time, i kept falling asleep at the computer last night , so i choose to call it the night


Gratz all

Happy Hunting in Norrath