Last night Misfits did their progression raiding of Lv 50+ raid zones, the first zone we hit was off of Commonlands and we ventured into the Echoes of Time (tower of Zhaverna)  and we basically had 1 named that need to be killed and while the main tank was slashing away at this named he would call his minions to us and our off tank ( me) has to burn them down, we this went very well, the Majority of the group was around 50 the rest of mentored down for the AA exp. we cleared this zone in about 4 minutes. We gathered our loot from the exquisite chest that droped, there was a nice shield for my pally but i lost the roll.

Next we headed to The Ferrott to clear “Meeting of the Minds”, We had several names in this zone and we was able to  clear it in no time. again we had an exquisite chest and a few masters droped for an illusionist, rangers, and dirges. But none for my pally.

Next we headed to Firemist gully Shattered Stillness however this zone was bugged, we zoned in and it showed the whole raid party in the zone but only our group was zoned in, what this did was create a instance for each group instead of a raid zone, but the mobs were still x4 raid so we deceided to let each group try the instance, we cleard the whole zone except for the named and his minions, we had a rough time we had the named down to like 10% but then wiped due to more spawns. After about 5 trys we gave up and rejoined the raid.

We headed to Premafrost next to Drayek’s Chamber it was  a great time in the raid we cleared this zone in bout 20 minuttes and gathered some great loot, i personally didnt get any loot but others in the raid party did and it helps them to be geared for future raids.

After the raid was over i decided to work on my Master Alchemist quest ( Artian Epic), so i could get my “Earring of the Solostices”, i was still in the begining stages of the quest and was on Bixbi Distraction. I was able to get all the quest finished and was on the last part of the quest line, at this point i had to have other Master Crafters help me create a list of items that a Master Cafter could do. so i inquired in the guild and Mya( Twixt) offered tro help, she has several alts that have finished this quest line. I have finished all but 3 items needed to finish the last quest. all i need now is a Tailor, Weaponsmith & Provisioner to create the last 3 items before i can turn in. i am so happy that i have gotten so far, i had a lot of rares in the bank and only had to purchase a few fuels. looking forward to getting this finish so i can go red shiniee hunting for my alts.

Other than that that was my Wednesday night, i feel like i have accomplished alot in just the last few months or ever since i joined the Knights of Marr and owe alot to them. I am in debt to them for life.
Also last night i heard that our misfits raids are going to start in area that i need for my Mythical and this Saturday we are doing thugga. so by monday i will have 1 of 3 parts done for my mythical weapon.

As Always Happy Hunting in Norrath