Well last night i began with the normal harvesting cloak, and was quickly getting boried i did my fishing first this time and i also got it to the next level too so i dont have to back track anymore, i am going to do this from now on with all my alts, just get the fishing done and maxed out and work on the others as i go. so after almost completeing t6 on the cloak i was asked to join a group in Lavastorm and help Heal annd a few others get access to the Daily shard. so i was getting ready to go when heal mentioned that Scion was the days DD… ewwww Scion i know that like the back of my hand. Of course i was in, Heal and Cece formed the group and the call to our raiding partners went out and we gained a few from there to make a full grp. It seemed like we died alot durning this run, dont know if it was because they uped it a little for the DD or that we were all rusty, however after 2 hours of our 6-person grp we cleared the zone, could not defeat the last boss in the entrence area but who cares i just earned 4 void shards wooohooo.

it was a blast even if my repair bill was almost a plat..lol after the zone i headed to bed it was 3am and i had to be at work in 4 hours.

Happy Hunting in Norrath