Well this weeked was filled with the lack of gaming for me, Friday night i took the family to see the Pittsburgh Pirates vs Alt. Braves in Pittsburgh, Awsome seats and a great game, my bucks came out ahead and i received my calendar and ate as many hot dogs one could get for a buck, and washed them down with a $7.00 Beer…yeah $7.00 beer. Anymore you have to take a small loan out to take a family of 4 to a Major league baseball game or any event at that .

After the game i came  home got settled in and went into Norrath my home away from home, i forgot about the raid that was going on and really didnt feel like doing a raid after sitting thru a epic baseball game and drinking a Mythical Beer of $7.00. so i just decided to do my solo shard run, and work on my Harvesters cloak. Oh boy was that fun..lol

I never knew harvesting could be so boring, i was in the t4 area of the cloak quest and had to go back to T3 zones and get my fishing up it was really really low, before i could get back into the y4 zone and do fishing there.

After talking to a few guildies that were in the raid to see if anything was going on or to get something going. my Mythical beer kicked in and i zonked out at my desk, awoke at 6am to A W V L B imprinted on my forehead i headed to bed.

Saturday came with the Bright lights of a Beautiful Spring Day, and the wife Naggin to get some yard work done. After having the slave driver herself whip me for taking to long of a break durning the course of the day the yard work was finally finished and i had the chance to get back into Norrath once again. Now continuing with my Cloak quest i made it to the T5, T6 zones of the quest and each time i have to go back to the previous and grind out the fishing, Note to my alts please work on fishing as you go..Once again i was crusieing and BAM i awoke to 6am, Fell asleep again in my chair.

Sunday was a bit different got to actually sleep in till 10am and then had to scurry and get ready for CEC ( Chuck E Cheese) we had a girl scout family party that my daughters troop was hosting, after doing the bypass and detours in pittsburgh we arrived at CEC and we all had a blast from young to the older young ( Ahhhhmmmm me ) we dropped tokens like they were falling from the sky. But we had a great time. after it was over we headed home got the kids ready for bed and i ventured into my homeland of Norrath.

To night i wanted to get something accomplished, so i worked on the cloak again for a bit and did a tradeskill instance, and helped Kesala’s alt reach lv 62 in SoS and then we did our solo shard run but we didnt solo it we grouped it..lol

All and all the weekend was unproductive to a point, and i still had a great time in Norrath.

i cant wait to get back home to the great land of Norrath this evening.