Yeah, you can tell that the weather is getting warmer, my gaming time is starting to slow down a little last week i played Eq2 for over 88 hours, its almost like a 2nd job but during that 88 hours i did get alot done. i look at this weeks game time and i have only logged in 38 hours this week so far, according to my Xfire. This is mainly due to doing more things outdoors and with the Family. Tuesday i was sick and did not get any time in and most of the nights i cant seem to keep my eyes open long enough to get anything done, or i fall asleep at the computer desk.
So far this week i have taken kuzab from level 44 up to 49 with the help of Silientator ( mezzers Alt),and Dcnqueens ( kendred’s Alt) and thanks guys for helping. Tonight is our Raid night and i will not be there i am taking the family to the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball game tonight vs the Braves. So this should be a interesting game, my kids love baseball and this is a great time for them.
So sorry if anyone has been looking for me to help with quest or just get some shards. hopefully next week you will see more of me in Norrath.

Untill Next time
Happy Hunting in Norrath & Lets go Bucs