Well last night “The Misfits Raid Coalition” formed up for our weekly lvl 50+ raid this week we was suppose to do “The Spirts of the Lost”, however we did not have enough folks show up we had 3 full grps and need 1 more, we have chosen not to get a PUG for the 4th group from past experinces.

So we to do “Meeting of the Minds” to see if we could get some decent loot to drop and we didnt only a treasured chest had poped, ahhh so Bownzer on his alt advised everyone to goto premafrost we was going to do a few raid in there, i actully took a video on xfire on this one just to test the video feature on xfire gaming, i might add that it did very well, i had no lag, so i may be taking videos of our raids and posting them from now on.

Anyways we cleared the zone out with ease, we got in the raid instance and worked our way up to the King and i was to target Misty and the offtank was to get the other wolf, so we cleared all the trash and the 2 sub-named and then i hoped on the throne to tank the king there, i grabbed aggro from the start but was having problems holding that agrro, i would lose it but gain it back just as fast, so i need to work on the AA line again and see what i can do.

Other than that we killed the king received our Ornaite chest and was done for the night, our normal 2 hour raid lasted only about 45 minutes if not an hour, i then zoned back to GH and went to take a break only to fall asleep on the couch for the 3rd night this week, so my gaming time has been cut short due to stress and Mr.Sandman. this coming weekend i should get plenty of gaming in except for Easter Sunday when i have run between 2 families to make everyone happy.

Untill next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath