Well i have downloaded AOC and have played a couple hours so far, I feel that the game does have some potential,and the grapghic & quality of the game are great. No i do have a problem with the commands, ( Clickies) i dont know if i am so use to Eq2 and the icons there, or if i truely just dont like the way they have the UI set up. I can only play more and see if it grows upon me, but i do like what i see so far. i was already invited to a guild, but the chatting features are not that greatfrom what i have saw. I have only played about 3 hours of AOC i am level 7 and have just gained access to the city, and spoken to the old lady who comes out at night.
the Quest and detail that they put into them are really good, i like that everyone that i have spoken to actully does Voice and not reading text, it gives the game more of a movie feel and that you get to be part of that movie.
So my first thoughts of the game are mixed at this point there are a few things i dislike about it and there are a few things i like so far they equal themselves out and need more time to figure what else is behine this game, i may pick it up for a month and see what they lays instore for me.
But for now i will always be true to my Eq2 and i am willing to try others out to see what makes them stand out.

Untill next time,

Happy Hunting in Norrath,