This past weekend seemed to fly by, i did get about 24 hours of gaming in over the weekend and during that time, i mainly ventured in Lavastorm gaining faction with the order of flame and Sootfoot. I have finished just about all of the Order of Flames quest i think i have 2 more to go, i have the daily solo shard quest access now and have been trying to complete that once a day either solo or with a few guildies to make it go faster.

last night i went to the Faction merchant on the Docks and was looking over the items and saw the lava carpet and was debating on weather i should buy this and if it was worth 6 plat. Now this carpet gives you 90 out of combat regen on health & power and 55% run speed. My current run speed on my Dire Bear mount was 45% so that was a upgrade and most of my armor give power and health regen, also i have a few totems for this as well. So i went ahead and forked over the 6plat and have been running on my carpet ever since, I always wanted a carpet and didnt feel like completeing the quest in SS for it, i was not at that level range when everyone was doing that quest line for their carpets, so i went with the easier route gaining faction and coughing up the plat.hehe. Now i also want to get the flaming Cow from the sootfoot faction but it only has 45% run and 60 regen on pwr and health, and is only 1 plat so i may get that later down the road just for show or collection.

I then decided to run around for a while in lavastorm and gather shinies so i can get the collections finished and make some money on broker, i flew around for about what seemed like 45 minutes but was actully 2 hours, guess time really does Fly..hehe on a carpet. so i completed a few sootfoot factions and then i got the call to goto sebilis to help out raid alliance member get updates for her epic, it then clicked that hey i’m on that same stage for my epic, i totally forgot about it, i asked where in Seb and they said past th lower jail area to kill the reet frogs she had to kill 40+ frogs to get her update, i asked weather they minded when in the lower jail area we clear it so i can get my epic update too, they were more than glad to help, and if we can get 2 updates then it was a really productive night. i got us wiped  a few times, which was totally my fault, 1 i was knocked back into more mobs and pulled them into group, and the other 2 times i  gained more aggro than we could handle. But we made it to the jail area and proceeded to kill all the sath. Legionaires that we saw after only 3 kills i got my “Greenmist essences orb” for my update, it was fairly easy. so we moved to the next room and there were our froggys..”Ummm da frogies loook tastieee”

So we proceed to kill Frogs for the next 2.5 hours it seemed like forever but we finished and got her update, we was going to kill the last named for her but she went LD and never came back, we found out that she was having router problems and called it the night. We called back to guild and our group departed and most guildies logged for the night i needed 4 more updates to complete my fabled Epic, so proceeded to Barren Sky “Isle of Desolation” to harverst the “Statue of the Ancient One”, this was not a prob everything was greyed out to me and i got my next update only 3 more to go woohoo, so then i headed to JW so i could speak to Izzle Din by all the ghosts at the ruins, i was kinda nervous because i saw where he was on the map but couldnt figure if he was in the middle or on the outside of the ruin, so i went invis with a totem and proceed on the outer rim of the ruins untill i ws completely behind it and continued to scout out the terran, i made it to the corner of the back side and saw my iskar i had to talk to , i then got my Update and zoned back to guild, so i gathered up 3 updates last night alone and only have 2 more to go, which i am going to need the assistance of the guild or raid alliance, i have to stay in JW and kill eldrig the young & old and then head back to Nek and take a group in to the instance and protect my apprentice from the void portals and the creatures that come from them. Sounds pretty easy right, nope i heard Eldrig alone is very hard, i will be doing soe research on this durning my lunch today and hopefull we can get a group and take him down on the first try. if i get this tonight i am going to be so pumped i doubt i get sleep, i have to figure out how i a going to get my mythical next and that is going to require a raid force from what i have gathered.

So this weekend was filled with alot of content, from the raid on Friday and Saturday that i didnt goto, just wanted to take a weekend off for raid, to a promotion in guild, to getting my Faction in Lavastorm and getting closer to my epic. It was indeed a wonderful 24 hours of gaming.

I have just finished downloading AOC for the free trail, i am going to give that a try to see what all the hype is all about and so i can say “Age of Conan, Yeah i played that for a while!” lol also i am still dabbling with Spellborn and Runes of magi, will have more on those once i get a chance to get more time in, planning on playing Wizard101 and a few other free MMO’s that have caught my eye, so we’ll see where that leads us too.

Happy Hunting in Norrath,