Well Friday i was once again mezzed by the lights or should i say Lava fields of Lavastorm, i went back with all intentions of doing the raid zone Wards of Elements, We had some tech troubles and a bunch of us decied not to go but to work on helping some of the guildies get the faction up in Lavastorm and complete the questlines.

I am really enjoying this zone more and more each day, the loot in this area is well worth the grinding of the zone and not to mention that the Shines here are great, because they added more to the zone, so after about 3-4 hours of running quest with guildies, Me and Yajee headed to get a shard. we grouped up and got the solo shard in Lavastorm in the Temple of Sol area, then we headed to Mistmyr manor and got another shard there.

Next i decied to get Kuzab some shinies that he doesn thave from Lavastorm so Chubby ran the fields and gathered them up Yajee helped with the red shinies due to chubby not having the earring ye, i am going ot have to work on that, i loaded them up in my shared and sold the dups that i had on broker.

i plan on getting Kuzab up next and also to finish my Tradeskill Master quest on Chubs and also to get my harvester quest on Chubs too.

Finally Last nigfht was special to me as well, i was invited to a Officers meeting to discuss the tech. probs we had in the begining of the night, i put my 2 coppers in and felt that it was taken into consideration, about 10 min later i was aksed to join another meeting with Sinfire and a Few officers where they told me that i have been doing a great job and that they wanted to Promote me to Knight Captain…. I was honestly shocked, i never thought, or expected them to offer me this and was honored at the thought. Before i joined Knights of Marr i was a Co-Guild Leader of another guild and was just burned out on the leadership aspect of the game and guild i was in at the time. When KOM asked me i felt that needed aspect that i was longing for and knew that i could make a difference in the game for new and future guildies, i gladly accepted the Position and i am now Knight Captain rank in KOM. I am to begin recruiting this evening for new members and get their feet in for a interview, I am going to put my past knowledge into this position and do the best as i can, and help make a difference in this wonderful guild that i call my Home and Family.

Thank you Knights of Marr for believing in me and giving me this chance to build our forces and giuve back to the guild after it has given so much to me, I will not fail you my friends, but help to bring us into a brighter tomarrow and the days to come.

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Knight Captain of KOM