Well Thurday 4/2/09 was a great Knight a few of us from the guild got grouped up and ran some of the new Lavastorm quest off, i have been here now for the last 3 nights and it was great, i will be here again Tonight because we are raiding the Ward of Elements. but it was really fun.

I walked away with 5plat last night 6plat wed night and 4 plat tuesday night, if i can keep making this type of plat in this area i will continue to do this area utill i have enough plat to buy some masters..hehe

  1. Dispatching the Destroyers (82, repeatable)  this quest give you 36gold each time plus what ever you get off the mobs you kill, plus the trash that you sell, so you can walk away with some serious loot, i did this quest last night 6 times so in the quest alone thats 2 plat, so from the coin drops the mobs give and then from the trash thats another 3 plat, so yeah i think this is grea, yeah there are times that it gets old , but hey it is a way to make some loot.

I also did a few Sootfoot quest last night to lower my faction with them, yeah thats right lower my faction. See you start off in the positive with them and they won’t do anything for you untill they feel that they are better than you. So each sootfoot quest lowers your faction with them and you can buy all sorts of things from their faction merchant once you get around -40,000 might be a little lower for some of the items, but i have had my eye on the Cow. its basically a mount woth a run speed of 45% but its a flaming cow, to me it looks like a rhino but its Sweet looking.

Once i have this and some other house items i am to come here and make some loot everynight and then go off and do my normal quest..lol god source of income in this area for now.

Well there is not much to report on today, i am currently Downloading the 7day trail of AoC and want to see what it is all about, and once my tour of Duty there is done i’ll post my review.I still havent had a chance to play spellborn or runes of magic that much but i am planning on putting a few hours aside this weekend to get some serious gaming done. I am going to try some different games out just to give my honest opinion on them and compared to Eq2. So let me know what you think once they are posted.

Happy hunting in Norrath